Year Here Winter Crowdbacker

December 2017

In December 2017, we came together with Year Here at RBS, for our live crowdfunding event to support the new social enterprises of Year Here Fellows.

Routes raised over £3,300 to support the creation of creative English classes for refugee women, promoting confidence building and language development in a supportive environment.

Since the event, Routes has run creative English workshops with over 100 women in women's centres and community spaces across London. Success of the workshops has also lead to the launch of a mentoring programme focusing on anything from English language and digital skills, to job applications and work experience. 

"It’s really really helpful, especially in the mornings like this when you really don’t want to do anything... You just ease into it and before you know it you're hooked." - Routes participant

"We would not have been able to achieve nearly as much as we have done in just 11 months without the generous support of the donors in the room that night." - Daisy Jacobs, Founder of Routes

Ranwö raised over £2,300 to support their virtual assistant platform empowering, educating and supporting single mothers by providing them with flexible employment.

Since pitching, Ranwö has supported their first beneficiary to undergo secretarial and PA training, employed their CEO on a full-time basis for a season, increased their staff size, and built the capacity of the organisation.

Ranwö officially started training Priscilla to build her skill set and capacity to become a virtual assistant. In January 2019, Priscilla will become officially employed as a virtual assistant.

ArtThou raised over £2,500 to work with artists and developers to create inclusive art projects that capture the ideas, needs and aspirations of a community to build a shared vision for construction and development.

After working on their idea, ArtThou is excited to slightly rework their plan, refocusing their work around particular social issues affecting communities. ArtThou plan to hold an exhibition for artists, with interviews and talks to open discussions around themes of and faith and identity, with an aim to increase shared understanding through open dialogue.

Maxx Chatbot raised over £2,000 to support the creation of their fintech bot that would connect to users bank accounts as well as providing regular updates to help users spend evenly over the month and reduce finacial stress.

After working on the venture for the last year, Maxx founder carried out extensive research and built a prototype. However, after facing unexpected challenges - from GDPR to Universal Credit - Maxx decided to wind up operations. The founder will be transferring his skills and lessons learned to support another tech-based Year Here venture.

ShareCare raised over £1,900 to support the creation of a child care service for low income parents, working alongside institutions to help provide work opportunities for parents.

After thorough research into community needs and feasibility, ShareCare has come to the conclusion that their solution may not be sustainable in the long run. They have ceased operations but hope to reevaluate their plan and begin work again in future.

The Good Wood Workshop raised over £2,900 to train young people with basic woodwork skills to improve skills and allow them to approach potential employers with proof of their work.

After careful thought and work, the Good Wood Worshop is no longer in operation.

Thank you to all the generous givers who donated to these projects. We acknowledge that some of the social enterprises funded at this event are no longer in operation, as is often the case with many new start-ups. All in this case have stated that they have learned valuable lessons from the experience which will inform future work.