Environmental Funders Network SFG

June 2018

Last year we were delighted to partner with the Environmental Funders Network again for a special environmental-focused SFG. This special event raised over £54,800 for three organisations.

Action for Conservation (AFC) works with secondary schools to inspire and empower students to become the next generation of conservationists. AFC bring nature into the lives of young people, reaching schools with high levels of disadvantage.

AFC raised over £17,900 to support and scale their WildED programme, Conservation Camps, Ambassador programme for over 600 young people.

Funding supported AFC's WildED workshop programme enabling students to design and deliver their own environmental projects. A final event brought school teams together to present their ideas to judges.

This year, 110 WildED group projects were completed across 25 schools, from tackling school waste, to creating wildlife habitat and campaigning on air pollution.

"I'm motivated by knowing the bigger effects my smaller outcomes can make." - Amelia, WildED participant

AFC also ran three residential camps at National Trust sites for environmental leaders of the future. 38 young people connected with nature through hands-on conservation work and workshops delivered by experts from The Nature Conservancy, WWF and more.

Following the camps, some participants joined a one-year Ambassador Programme to empower them to lead change in their own communities, delivering over 200 local actions and creating systemic change through meeting with the Government.

AFC is growing its hubs across the UK and has hired a new staff member.

Support from TFN members has therefore been critical in a year of rapid growth both in terms of our programmes and our organisational infrastructure.

Excellent Development (ED) supports people to transform their own lives through water and soil conservation in drylands. One method ED are using to conserve and ensure access to clean water is through creating sand dams.

A sand dam is a reinforced concrete wall built across a seasonal riverbed. During the rainy seasons, they capture water and sand behind the dam wall to ensure access to water throughout the year.

ED raised over £18,200 to install smart meters on 30 handpumps in rural Kenya to gain data to demonstrate year-round water availability from sand dams, in order to influence other organisations to include sand dams in their water strategies.

Since pitching, 26 of the 30 meters have been installed, with the remining to be installed soon. The meters are transmitting data which will be put into a report to support the scale-up of sand dams as a rain water harvesting solution in drylands worldwide.

Since pitching, ED have gained further funding, interest in further support from event attendees and have spread their work from Kenya to a new country, Malawi.

The Landworkers' Alliance (LWA) is a grassroots union of farmers, growers and land-based workers with a mission to improve the livelihoods of our members and create a better food system for everyone.

LWA raised over £18,600 to support their work lobbying for a better post-Brexit agricultural policy in the UK.

With the funding, LWA was involved in shaping a new post-Brexit Agriculture Bill by putting forth ammendments, worked with Labour party on their Food Policy, and had productive meetings with Government.

LWA also held a Good Food March in Westminster with about 600 attendees to support agroecology in the Agriculture Bill.

We're looking forward to our next EFN SFG event this June, supporting a new group of environmental projects!