Oxford Gives

May 2018

TFN was excited to head back to Oxford in May 2018 for Oxford Gives. This special event was hosted by Jesus College, and supported by Rathbone Greenbank Investments.

The first to pitch was Human Story Theatre (HST), which produces theatre productions for local communities, about health and social care issues that matter most to them.

HST was delighted to raise over £4,600 to invest in admin support, fundraising training, and website development. This has enabled the team to deliver an even more comprehensive programme of new theatre productions tackling important issues and reach even more people.

This organisational development has supported their ongoing projects including 'Connie’s Colander', a theatre production about a mother and daughters journey with dementia.

HST has also been able to teach the next generation of young actors.

In 2019, HST was granted funding from Turning Point addiction service to tour their new play DRY, which tackles issues of addiction, in January 2020.

The next to pitch was WATSAN, which enables local communities in south-west Uganda to thrive by providing safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene education.

Before the project, staff and children of the local Bwambara Primary School had to walk 4km to collect water from a polluted spring that frequently dried up.

WATSAN raised over £5,200 to build a rainwater harvesting tank and bathroom block at two schools, and undertake hygiene classes to improve health and quality of life.

The health and hygiene classes have been a huge success, and the new water facilities were formally handed over to the local community at an official ceremony. They are now being used by children and staff, improving the the lives of 1,467 people.

The third to pitch was the ArkT Centre, which reaches out to grow opportunities for and include often excluded members of communities including young disabled people, into arts, culture and theatre projects.

ArkT raised almost £5,000 to support the ROAR Festival 2018 - Oxford's only youth arts disability festival, empowering disabled children and young people from across the county across 2 days of workshops and performances.

At the festival, 513 young people and families attended and got involved to watch young people put on singing and dance performances.

Funding supported a special wellbeing area where attendees could recieve relaxation treatments like massages and beaty treatments.

A portion of the funding supported young people to contribute artwork for the final exhibition entitled 'Disability Pride.'

ROAR has changed my views of disabled people by giving me a deeper understanding.", “I'm so impressed with peoples abilities not their disabilities.” - Festival attendees

The last non-profit to pitch was Oxford Against Cutting (OAC), a rights-based group working to help prevent female genital mutilation (FGM) of girls and women living in Oxfordshire and support survivors.

Men often play a central role in decision-making and can help end FGM in their families and communities. OAC raised over £5,400 to run training events and run campaigns to support men and boys to talk about FGM and form a network of anti-FGM champions.

Since pitching, the team has run training sessions and men's discussion groups, where particicants made a pledge to discuss FGM with other men, and engaged with the topic on social media with the hashtag #wetalkedFGM

The project encouraged both men and men’s groups to ‘pledge’ to talk about FGM to other men, having a conversation with other men about FGM to have a greater impact. To date, organisations that have pledged include NASUWT Milton Keynes Local Members Association, Milton Keynes Somali Outreach Project and East Oxford United.

As a direct result of the event, OAC signed on a new trustee. Today, OAC is growing, recently extending their work to support schools training for young women and girls, and piloting body image workshops.

A big thank you to Jesus College, Rathbone Greenbank Investments, and to all the generous supporters who joined us to support these inspiring projects on the night.