PwC Social Entrepreneurs

March 2018

In March 2018, The Funding Network (TFN) came together with PwC, to hold a special live crowdfunding event to support PwC Social Entrepreneurs.

Pitches started off with Forty Hall Community Vineyard (FHCV), a social enterprise providing volunteering, learning and development opportunities in their community vineyard.

FHCV raised over £2,600 to reach and engage more women with mental health needs into their ecotherapy volunteer programme to help women not only learn but thrive in a calming environment.

Since pitching, FHCV has recruited 8 new female volunteers and trained 2 new female volunteers as Team Leaders and Mentors.

"I’ve had the chance to follow my hobby and interest in growing, picking up knowledge and gaining practical experience being involved in the project. Above all, I’ve found it to be the most effective form of therapy. It has allowed me to participate in a meaningful activity with other people, gain friendships whilst there and I always leave in a good frame of mind” - Service User

This change has also filtered through the rest of the organisation, where most volunteers and staff are now women, and half of the Board is female. FHCV was also awarded a special Women in Food Award for being a successful female led and female friendly organization.

The second to pitch was Incredible Brilliant Youth (IBY), who's mission is to help support and empower young people, helping them grow in confidence and become leaders.

IBY raised over £3,500 to support their workshop programme and mentoring scheme, to reach more young people, by putting on additional project-based support staff. With the extra help, IBY was able to produce an impact report measuring their work over the last six years.

"From mentoring I have learnt to manage my time accordingly, alongside making sure my bad habits such as forgetting to hand in homework on time does not happen again by replacing it with good habits. I also have learnt to take control over my actions and have good resilience and maintain my anger in order to better myself and approach situations with the intent to make it better." - Mentee

The final pitch was from Breathe Arts Health Research (BAHR), who’s mission turns innovative ideas and creativity into practical change across the healthcare sector by collaborating across arts, health and science.

BAHR raised over £3,500 to support their project to deliver another Melodies for Mums programme, providing safe and secure community singing in Lambeth to improve the mental health of mothers with symptoms of postnatal depression (PND).

Research shows that a 10-week programme of singing for mothers and their babies leads to a 41% reduction in symptoms of PND and a recovery in 73% of mothers who take part. The funding allowed additional sessions supporting 28 mums and babies.

"Sometimes you can feel judged in mum’s groups; this never happened in Melodies. There’s a level of honesty and understanding without having to talk about it. A bottom line of admitting struggle. There’s an unspoken bond." - Melodies for Mums Participant.

Thank you to those who came on the night, and supported these special non-profits.