Strategic Funding Group

May 2018

In May 2018 one of our members kindly hosted us to provide funding to three organisations who have previously pitched at TFN London.

The Listening Place (TLP) provides free, face-to-face, on-going support for anyone who is suicidal. TLP raised over £23,800 to build their much needed service to reach a capacity of effective support for 1000 suicidal people.

With the funding, TLP was able to hire an Office Manager to put organisational systems in place to allow the clinic to see more patients in need.

By setting up a new appointment management system, training an additional 100 volunteers and expanding their referral network, TLP has been able to help an additional 1000 people over the past year.

"Coming regularly to TLP has helped to get through a verydifficult time in my life. Thank you.” - Service user.

After coming throught the TFN process, TLP has improved their fundraising significantly, with sucessful applications to trusts, foundations, and major donors to support their life-saving work.

North London Cares (NLC) is a community network that connects young professionals and older people together to help one other. NLC raised over £16,600 to recruit a Fundraising Manager to manage fundraising and strengthen capacity.

A new Fundraising Manager named Catrin, with over 8 years experience was bought into the NLC family to deepen, strengthen and broaden their fundraising income.

Catrin has been able to support bid-writing for applications, secured money from sponsors, along with identifying lots of new partnership opportunities and supported exciting new fundraising events.

Working together, Catrin has also had a big impact on the broader fundraising team and Senior Leadership team.

Since pitching, NLC has experienced new growth. With new funding from the Building Connections Fund, Nesta, and the Big Lottery, NLC expanded their programme to East London, Liverpool, and celebrated the first anniversary of their programme in Manchester.

Tea Leaf Trust (TLT) works in tea estates of Sri Lanka to support education and empower young people. TLT raised over £19,600 to improve the quality of English-language classes to improve education and enhance opportunities for young people.

With the funding, TLT was able to support their English Teacher Training Programme to improve English-language skills for new teachers.

In 2018, 13 graduates enrolled into the year-long programme, with a further 17 enrolling in 2019. The new English teachers are progressing well, in 2018,13 students sat for and passed The British Council graded Teacher Knowledge Training tests, to become high quality English teachers.

New English teachers have been placed in schools to support children, leading to increased opportunities in the future.

Thank you to generous supporters who joined us on the night to help these non-profits create strategic and transformational change.