Camden Giving

October 2018

We joined forces with Camden Giving in October 2018 at The Francis Crick Institute, raising over £8,000 for four charities working in Camden

First to pitch was Action Youth Boxing Intervention, a charity which runs self-defence boxing classes in combination with therapy to support at-risk young people

They raised over £1,900 towards Real Talk, a pilot programme based on one-to-one work using a range of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and social life skills training

Since pitching, this new programme has supported 50 young people

Next we heard from C4WS Homeless Project, which provides shelters for homeless people especially during the cold winter months

C4WS supported 88 guests through their shelters last season - they are proud that over 95% went on to more permanent accommodation

After meeting at the event, C4WS partnered with Speak Street who have now facilitated English classes for their guests

We also heard from Little Village, a charity which provides quality donated baby products & clothing to local families in need

Little Village raised £1,900, which has helped them to expand the programme and reach more families in need

Since pitching, they have grown considerably and now see up to 100 families per month (a 40% increase) and have given out 53,000 items

The final pitch came from Speak Street, which offers free language classes to those wanting to improve their spoken English in a fun and flexible way

Speak street raised over £1,700 to help them continue to provide language clases free of charge -
they ran 32 sessions in 2018

"What I love about Speak Street is the friendly atmosphere and getting to use words and language in a practical sense. It's one thing learning from a book but it's another thing using it practically in real situations"

Thank you to all those who came and supported these fantastic projects!