TFN London

September 2018

In September 2018, we came together at the home of our Corporate Members, T. Rowe Price, to support four wonderful non-profits driving social change in their communities

First to pitch was James from Mobiloo, a charity which makes events accessible to people with disabilities who would otherwise be unable to attend because of a lack of adequate facilities

Mobiloo raised an impressive £9,300 which went towards purchasing tools and equipment that would enable them to build their Mobiloo vehicles in-house - much cheaper than having to purchase them from a commercial supplier

Since pitching, they have established a workshop and aim to have 14 Mobiloos by Summer 2020

Next, we heard from Dekamile, which supports the impoverished communities of Agome Seva (Togo) through education and work opportunities

Dekamile raised £8,600 which helped to provide four teachers and two administration staff, as well as allowing them to purchase equipment such as sewing machines

The improvements to the school helped Dekamile to attract new students and make positive plans for another academic year

Next, we heard from FootWorks, which provides free podiatry services - a vital and often overlooked aspect of health care - for men and women experiencing homelessness in London

FootWorks raised over £10,900 on the night which financed the opening of a second clinic. This has allowed them to expand their services; Footworks now provides a weekly session in South East London and a fortnightly session in Whitechapel. So far they have supported over 50 people at the new Whitechapel centre.

The opening of the new centre was slightly delayed, but has ultimately allowed Footworks not only to expand their provision but to reach some of London's most severely marginalised citizens

The final pitch was from Kiya Survivors, a charity that supports children with learning difficulties and disabilities through education, support and therapy in Peru

Kiya Survivors raised over £7,900 for their project YO Tambien, which is aimed at giving girls and young women in vulnerable situations the opportunity to speak up

Funding allowed Kiya Survivors to employ a Social Worker who has worked alongside a Psychologist to set up vital community projects to empower women and girls in vulnerable situations

A huge thank you to our host T. Rowe Price, and to all who gave generously on the night.  Your support has changed lives!