TFN London

December 2018

We brought out our magic wands in December 2018 at Macquarie Group for a festive evening in support four fantastic non-profits - Fairy Godmother and all!

First to pitch was Refugees at Home, a charity providing accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers by placing them with fully vetted hosts

Refugees at Home raised a fantastic £10,990 towards the cost of a Placement Coordinator who has been busy recruiting and supporting hosts, as well as assessing the needs of guests to find the best possible fit

Refugees at Home has now provided 145,000 hosted guest nights for 1967 guests and continues to grow

Next to pitch was Teach2Teach International, a charity that trains unemployed young people in Ghana as teachers

Raising over £12,000 they were able to pilot their Community Volunteer Teacher programme; so far over 40 young people are no longer unemployed, and up to 8000 more children now have teachers

T2T has seen the quality of teaching in their schools improve, and the attention and motivation of pupils increase

Teach2Teach has been invited to sit on the government steering committee to begin the process of mainstreaming their approach, and they now plan to scale their work beyond Northern Ghana

Our next pitch was from Downright Excellent (DEx), which enables children with Down Syndrome to achieve their potential– helping to develop life skills so they gain can independence and employment

They raised over £8,300 which enabled them to turn a successful pilot project into a more permanent service to help teenagers with Down Syndrome gain important life skills with the help of a specialist facilitator

DEx said:
"TFN funding has made a lifelong difference to our young people. DS is a learning disability that presents severe challenges but, with the right help, young people can achieve more than was ever thought possible. TFN has enabled DEx to break new ground and we will continue to do so from the springboard you provided."

Our final pitch came from Luminary Bakery, a charity that empowers some of the UK’s most disadvantaged women through training, mentoring and employment opportunities

Luminary Bakery raised £13,300 and since pitching has been able to support 21 new women through their bakery training programmes; many have experienced homelessness or the criminal justice system and 24% are survivors of trafficking

They have also opened their second cafe and tripled in size as an organisation - this means they are now working with 4x the number of women since last year!

A huge thank you to our host Macquarie and to all the generous guests who joined us